(Hello there! This page is very much in draft form! Below are the briefest possible remarks describing my work.)

I work mainly in epistemology. My dissertation investigates the normative consequences of a certain kind of defeat, which I call "presumption defeat", and my advisors are Jim Pryor (chair), Ram Neta, and Alex Worsnip.

WORKS IN PROGRESS   (email me for drafts!)

[a paper on KK]  (under review

In this paper, I examine how well KK, if true, can explain why dubious assertions are infelicitous.

The Varieties of Infelicity

In this paper, I examine the different things that "infelicitous" might mean, and study the consequences for arguments concerning various norms on assertion.

De Se Ignorance and Self-Promises

In this paper, I argue that in cases of de se ignorance, self-promises are perfectly coherent. Various morals are drawn.

[a paper on Cautious Monotonicity] (under review)

In this paper, I advance a counterexample to Cautious Monotonicity (also known as "Cautious Monotony").


De Se Ignorance and Self-Promises (Symposium, Central APA 2024)


Joanna Lawson

Wan Zang

The Varieties of Infelicity (Symposium, Eastern APA 2024)


Ben Holguín

Samuel Taylor

The Varieties of Infelicity (Duke-UNC graduate philosophy conference, March 2023)

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